Devices of Protection: Home Security Cameras and DVRs

Home security systems were designed to utilize specific devices to create a cohesive system of protection. Home security camera DVR systems have become the driving force in the latest flash of better more convenient protection for homeowners. With technological advances DVRs are not only more capable of storing large amounts of information and higher resolution images, but can be fully integrated into whole homeClose-up portrait of young woman, studio shot 124814058 automation systems. With mobile apps enabling homeowners to not simply be passive users of their security system, but also proactive users who frequently take advantage of remote home monitoring and notification response with home automation systems, home protection has risen to new heights. Taking advantage of these new advances can be really empowering and can help drastically reduce your chances of being the victim of property crimes.

Being Honest About Security in LA

Living in LA is an adventure everyday, and while the people here are fantastic, big cities also attract substantial amounts of crime. We’re living in an area where your chances of being a victim of a property crime is 1 in 43.  It’s important to protect yourself. And that doesn’t just mean locking your doors and being careful who you give your name and information to. With a security system installed in your home you’re as much as 300% less likely to get robbed than your unprotected neighbors. As crime rates go down burglars are getting smarter and braver. Home invasion, forced entry while the residents are still at home, is on the rise! Be honest with yourself, this is not the time to place your trust in the good of humanity. Place your trust in a good home security system with security cameras and a DVR, and then place your HOPE in the good of humanity.New York City 122408232

What You Need For Protection

You have lots of options available to you today. That’s what the rest of the articles on this site are ready to talk to you about. You’re going to enjoy the luxury of knowing you can customize your security to fit your needs perfectly. Of course that means that it’s important you understand what YOU need for security. So here are a few tips:

  • Start with a plan: sit down and draw a map of your home, consider all the entry points that will be vulnerabilities to your protection. Then lay out a plan of those areas you can cover with motion sensors, glass break sensors and of course quality surveillance cameras.
  • Invest in a good system: Wireless or wired there are plenty of pros and cons for either, but what everyone does agree on is not settling for low quality. These days you can enjoy high resolution display as well as recording, which means not only is your live feed going to be clear, but all that information can be recorded and stored for your reference later. The two main components to these systems are quality security cameras and DVR.
  • Make sure you have motion sensor activated cameras and low-light infrared emitting cameras. These two features provide for quality surveillance as motion detection cameras will notify you of any activity on your property and cameras with infrared ability will switch themselves over in low light and guarantee you’re getting a clear image 24 hours a day.

If you live in LA you can still live with peace of mind. Investing in a security system is one of the best ways to do this! If you’re ready to learn more about customizing a security system to fit your home click the banner on the side to contact a professional security technician today!