4 Points Supporting Home Security Camera Effectiveness

Do you question home security camera effectiveness? Are you prone to wonder if it’s really worth investing in something that protects you from events you might never be the victim of? These are fair concerns since no one really has money to just throw away these days, it’s always important to know if you’re spending your money wisely or if there’s something better you can do. The good news is that home security cameras are shown to make a difference. Over 80% of homeowners who actually have home security cameras report that they find their security cameras to make a difference and they’re glad they invest in it. The sad truth is that this statement is fairly restricted since only 17% of homeowners even invest in home security systems.  Acknowledging that buying a security system is just like paying for additional home insurance (which you do already and hope you never have to take advantage of) your home security cameras are very effective. Here are four points that support home security camera effectiveness.

1.     Filming The Event

There’s no reason to ignore the fact that home surveillance is going to at least always accomplish its main goal (if you have it set up correctly). Your home security cameras should cover the entry points to the home and will therefore capture any activity that involves break-ins or theft. This is not necessarily preventative, but ensures that you have proof of the break-in, and often can obtain incredibly helpful information that will lead to the capture of your thief.

Privacy concept Secure Access on smartphone 4596757712.     Remote Monitoring

With new home security camera systems you can take advantage of motion activated mobile notifications. This feature means that your surveillance cameras will actually notify you if they detect movement in their area of coverage. Many homeowners have actually found themselves looking at footage or images of a burglary in their home as it is taking place and acting on this have sent in the cops to catch the crook in the act. But this isn’t all remote monitoring can do for you. With the right devices you can check in on your family and pets while you are away or even look in on a vacation rental property you own and make sure all is well without ever leaving your office.

3.     Deter Crooks

Many studies have shown that burglars are very rarely spontaneous events. crime-89679921No. Most often thieves are going to “case the neighborhood” or check out their targets before they make a move. As they drive or walk through the neighborhood they’re looking for vulnerabilities that make a home a great target. Homes that have cameras on the eaves and in the entryways or signs that warn of home security are so effective that many say even fake cameras will do some good!

4.     Statistics Say Yes, and So Does Your Insurance Company

A final reason to believe that home security systems are effective and worth investing in is the numbers. Studies have been done and reveal that home security alarm systems reduce the risk of burglary by 1.37 times as much as a home that isn’t protected. Insurance companies are so convinced that security systems will do you good in preventing trouble that they’re often willing to provide you with up to a 20% discount on your premium just for installing and using the system.

Of course no one can make you install a security system, but for now there are plenty of completely valid reasons that it’s a really good idea to get one. Who doesn’t want an extra measure of peace of mind!