Benefits of Home Security Camera Internet Monitoring

You’re probably asking, “What’s with the whole home security camera internet monitoring craze?” I mean, why is it so special to be able to look at a photo of your house from your phone. And this is probably a fairly logical conclusion to come to, especially if you haven’t invested in home security cameras before now. But if you haven’t, can I ask why? I mean, do you resist getting security because you’re “not interested in paying money for something that isn’t going to matter?” Have you heard these statistics? Homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be the victims of a burglary than homes with and yet only 17% of homes in the US invest in security systems. Maybe you’re just disinterested at the idea of a system that you have to continually update, maintain, and remember to turn on and off. Well then you’re ready to join all the others who rave about home security remote monitoring systems!New Roof 154013564

4 Reasons Home Security Remote Monitoring Is Great

Though home security systems used to be bulky and bothersome, and if you forgot to turn it on, or couldn’t turn it off when you wanted to it could get down right obnoxious—these days this is not the case. Home security systems have been streamlined and newly designed for the convenience of the homeowner. Consider these reasons why home security systems with their new remote monitoring accessibility are fantastic.

  1. Smart Cameras to Monitor: These days you can hook up a smart camera to monitor your system. These cameras actually have the ability to not only observe everything that goes on and stream it to your network, but they also have the ability to notice motion AND alert you to the activity! That’s right, with Internet monitoring abilities cameras can send an email to you with a picture of what’s happening. Homeowners have literally sent police to catch burglars in the act while sitting at their office computer.
  2. The Ability To Look In: If you’re a parent whose children arrive home before you do the most important thing in the world is being able to check in on your kids and make sure they’re safe and happy. With new Internet monitoring programs you can actually watch your home via the cameras you have set up and keep an eye on things. Kids feel more freedom perhaps, but you have greater peace of mind.
  3. Remote home control 178895291Whole Home Automation: Many of the home security apps not only provide Internet and phone monitoring, but also home automation abilities. Home automation is the ability to integrate certain aspects of control throughout the various systems in your home. For example many automation apps allow you to monitor the temperature in your home and control it to optimize comfort when you return home. Many allow you to turn on and off the lights, or lock and unlock the doors without ever stepping foot inside your home. That’s not just handy- it’s cool!
  4. Arm and Disarm: When it comes to home monitoring one of the greatest peacemakers for homeowners is the ability to arm and disarm your system from remote locations. No more worrying all day if you remembered to turn it on, just press a button on your app and you’ve armed your system for the day.

Home security systems with internet monitoring and remote access are pretty astonishing and are some of the great inventions that make modern life not only more convenient, but a whole lot safer!