Reviewing Home Security Camera Wireless vs. Wired

One of the big conversations of late in the world of home security is the question of which is better for a home security camera wireless or wired? Wired home security systems have actually been around since 1969 when the first security system was designed and patented by a woman named Marie Brown. Soon after that Texas Instruments designed the first camera that was film less, or could broadcast directly to a display and hard drive. While these incredible innovations made security systems really effective for the first time EVER, they’re a little bit dated. That’s why with the latest rushes of technology home security cameras are not only available in wireless systems, but they often offer better options than wired. Still, the wired system is not dead and gone and has it’s benefits as well. Which will you have installed in your home? Senior couple preparing to plant flowers in garden 153998339That is the question we hope to help you answer today.

All About Wired Systems

Wired systems have been around for a long time and they’re still here for good reason. Wired systems have long been incredibly reliable. With a closed circuit television system it’s really difficult to have interference in your video stream, and most people can’t hack the system. This has made CCTV almost impenetrable, except for on Mission Impossible. Additionally, although we’ve created a false sense of worry, if on the rare chance someone does cut a line into your wired security system modern systems will actually send out an alarm say that they WERE CUT. So, no, even if the burglars wanted to break the signal on your system, unless they’re incredibly expert, they’re not going to be able to sneak past you.

There are some problems with wired security systems of course. They’re much more expensive to install because they require that a security professional drill holes and place cameras in a permanent fashion. Along those same lines, wired cameras are much less versatile. Where wireless cameras can be placed in almost any position there are restrictions for wired systems. Changes and upgrades of wired systems are going to be much harder both physically and financially.

All About Wireless Camera Systems

Wireless systems are relatively new since wi-fi itself is only a decade old. Wireless camera systems broadcast their feed from a camera across the Internet, cellular signal or even radio waves. This allows for a great amount of versatility in the cameras. Able to mount these cameras anywhere and very easy to install on your own many homeowners leap at the chance for such a user-friendly DIY camera system. Wireless systems are also fully capable of being integrated with handy mobile apps and whole home automation systems. This makes them convenient and even really fun!cell tower at dusk

Then again wireless systems are FAR easier to hack or disrupt in comparison to wired systems. As the signal is broadcast to the DVR and receiver it can be intercepted either on purpose or completely unintentionally. Many people find they struggle with the false alarms of a wireless system, and the spotty or unreliable quality of the service. The devices themselves can be on either end of the spectrum, far cheaper for far more expensive, depending upon what you want in your home security cameras.


There are pluses and minuses to both systems. Cost vs. longevity and versatility vs. reliability. It’s important to acknowledge them and determine what’s important to you before you select your home security system.